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 How did we make an already gorgeous widescreen display even better? By making it 75 percent less reflective. And by re-architecting the LCD and moving it right up against the cover glass. So you see your photos, games, movies, and everything else in vivid, lifelike detail.  

The new iMac display is not set behind the cover glass — it"s right up against it. The LCD itself is 5 mm thinner than before, and we used an advanced process called full lamination to eliminate a 2-mm gap between the LCD and the glass, something that has never been done on a display this large. Although it may not seem like much, those few millimeters are enough to make images look as if they"re leaping off the glass.

More energy efficient.
Not only does the new iMac offer higher performance than any previous iMac, it"s also more energy efficient, using up to 50 percent less energy in the idle state with the display on. And its hardware components work hand in hand with the operating system to conserve even more power.

Innovations you can see.
You won"t want anything to distract you from what you"re viewing on these big, beautiful 21.5- and 27-inch displays. And nothing will, thanks to a new display design that reduces reflection by 75 percent. In addition, because the LCD now sits right up against the glass, your content seems to leap off the screen. Learn more about the iMac design
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