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Other Features & Highlights

      • High-performance 2.1 speaker system
      • Easy-to-use touch controls
      • Universal power supply
      • Chrome accents
      • Cloth covered cables
      • Available in: White, Black, Fuchsia or Retro Blue, with chrome accents
      • Compatibility: Desktop and laptop computers (all platforms), iPod® (all models), MP3 players, game consoles, satellite radio.
      • It uses Odyssey® transducers that give clean, accurate, high frequency sound.
      • JBL uses advanced technologies to provide the best possible audio sound.
      • One touch increases or decreases the volume: one touch mutes or unmutes the system.
      • The sytem uses a large excursion subwoofer for impressive bass performance.
      • A stereo mini jack connects the JBl Spot to a variety of multimedia devices.
      • Easy-to-Use Touch Controls: One touch increases or decreases the volume; one touch mutes or unmutes the system. A single control lets you adjust subwoofer output. And JBL Spyro remembers your previous settings every time the system is powered on.
      • Compatibility: A stereo mini jack easily connects JBL Spyro to a variety of multimedia devices with a minimum of desktop wiring. Enjoy high-quality audio from desktop and laptop computers (any platform), iPod and other MP3 players, satellite radio, game consoles - you name it.
      • The powerful and efficient subwoofer provides clean, low bass.

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